AMP Marine recommended dock bumper installation hardware

What they are and what they look like

When buying our dock bumpers, you have the option to include great installation hardware. Here is a picture of ten lag bolts (also called lag screws) and washers, made in 18.8 stainless steel. These bolts are meant to be used for wood installations and are great for your dock.

AMP Marine recommended dock bumper installation hardware

Why we suggest using stainless steel

We recommend these bolts because they will not readily corrode, which cannot be said of regular steel. This is especially important in dock bumper installations as it helps to guarantee a “first-time-right” installation. In many areas of Canada and the United States, normal weather conditions are such that ordinary steel readily rusts, so stainless steel is preferrable. While it may seem more expensive initially, in the long run you save in terms of time spent doing maintenance and replacing worn out parts. Nothing more frustrating than breaking the head off of a rusty bolt.

You have the option of adding 20 bolts and washers to a set of 10 corner bumpers (two bolts per bumper) or adding 40 bolts and washers to a set of 8 long bumpers (five bolts per bumper). Check out our installation video for more information on installing the bumpers (there’s also a printable pdf and written instructions you can read online without downloading anything).

Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing

A new way of thinking

Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing is a way of thinking about manufacturing processes in terms of more than just the final result (the finished product). It involves considering the effects that both those processes and the finished product have on workers, the consumer and on the environment.

Why the extra effort

Many manufacturing processes involve materials or chemical solutions that, while they may be common in industry, are by no means the best way or the only way to go about making a good product. Similarly, the same can be said of a finished product. A good product shouldn’t involve industry shortcuts that are now known to be harmful, for example PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). Just as the shop floor has to be clean and orderly, so do its surroundings – the environment.

How much this can change things

In its purest form, the entire production cycle is considered, as well as the product life cycle. In our case, this means selecting manufacturing processes that don’t involve the dispersion of highly toxic substances during or after production and materials that don’t release harmful substances over time into their surroundings.

PVC is the most toxic plastic out there in ALL phases of its life cycle. It doesn’t make much sense then to cut corners on something so important when there are other alternatives available. Many major automotive manufacturers have begun to at least partially eliminate PVC from their vehicle interiors, with many vehicle interiors that are now completely PVC-free.

We believe that by embracing change, we can contribute to making a positive difference.

For more information, check out – a website dedicated to the research of toxic chemicals in many everyday products and the solutions some manufacturers have found.

Long lasting quality

Strong enough for a North American climate

AMP Marine is a North American company based near Toronto, Canada. As such, AMP Marine products are made to withstand the highly variable climate in Canada and the United States. In the Toronto area, our bumpers see extreme use all summer and very low temperatures during the winter months.

For the last five years, the Toronto outer harbour marina has been the AMP Marine test bed for bumpers and fenders. Small and large pleasure-craft routinely dock at the gas dock. Our first ever dock bumper installation was done in 2008 and is still going strong after six years.

Good materials, qualified people, quality products

At AMP Marine we take Quality Control seriously. A good product starts with careful planning and the right materials. Our goal is to provide quality products made at home while balancing environmental concerns. Everything that goes into AMP Marine products is sourced in Canada or in the United States and all of our products are PVC free. Our quality inspection team thoroughly checks and randomly tests all products, guaranteeing you great value for your hard earned money.

Why we don’t use PVC

Setting a new standard for the Marine industry

Our goal at AMP Marine is to provide high quality and environmentally safe products for the Marine industry. We have developed a proprietary line of products that are leading edge and environmentally safe. The texture and feel of AMP Marine products differs due to the absence of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). This is significantly different from our competitors. We have achieved a commercial and environmental balance by developing our products with FDA compliant materials (PVC free) while also maintaining a high degree of strength, quality and reliability.

What’s wrong with PVC?

PVC is known to be dangerous to human health and to the environment throughout its entire life cycle – from the factory, into our homes, and in our garbage. Some of the toxic compounds released include mercury and phthalates. Dioxins, a group of one of the most potent synthetic chemicals ever tested, are released when PVC is produced or burned. These chemicals can cause cancer as well as harm to the immune and reproductive systems.

More information

At AMP Marine we stand behind our products, setting a new standard for the Marine industry. For more information on PVC, check out the following links (links open in a new window):

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HowStuffWorks article on the subject

PVC – a major source of phthalates
An article on the harmful effects of PVC from the State of New Jersey’s Office for Prevention of Developmental Disabilities

Dangers in Making PVC
A detailed explanation of what is involved in producing and disposing of PVC, from