MADE IN CANADA – 47-inch long dock bumper (set of 8)


This set of eight 47-inch long dock bumpers provides you with high quality at a low price. A great buy for your hard-earned money. At a length of 47 inches, these straight dock bumpers are ideal for long straight sections such as the side of your dock. 100% designed and made in Canada from environmentally-friendly (PVC-free) materials with the highest quality assurance and quality control in mind every step of the way, you’re guaranteed a great product while also helping the economy here at home.

All bumpers come with lag bolts and washers made with 18.8 stainless steel. At 1/4 inch diameter and 2-1/2 inch length, these bolts are perfect for bumper installations on wood. The washers have a 7/8 inch outside diameter.

Measurements: 47″ long x 7″ Wide x 5″ Deep


47-inch long dock bumper (set of 8)

  • Buy in bulk! Set of 8 dock bumpers – high-quality at a low price
  • 47 inches long – provides maximum protection to your dock and boat or other watercraft
  • Made from environmentally-friendly material (PVC free)

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 19 × 10 in

6 thoughts on “MADE IN CANADA – 47-inch long dock bumper (set of 8)

  1. What is the actual size of each bumper? I see them listed as 48”x 18”x 9”. This doesn’t seem correct when looking at the photos installed on docks.
    I see you list them as PVC free, what are them made of and what’s the advantage? How hard / soft are they? Are they factory sealed and air filled? Do they leave marks on boats? I’m ready to buy several for a good sized dock and just want to understand more about them.

  2. I am interested in the set of 8 but I haven’t seen anything on the height and width of the bumpers.
    Do you have a life expectancy of the bumpers?

  3. 1) How well do these bumpers hold up on docks in saltwater?
    2) What are they made of?
    3) Will they protect the fiberglass boat hull and not make any marks?

  4. Hello ,
    Please advise if you have 2 sets of 8 of the 47-inch long dock bumpers.
    I would like to place an order but need to know when you can deliver.

    Thank you

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