Why we don’t use PVC

Setting a new standard for the Marine industry

Our goal at AMP Marine is to provide high quality and environmentally safe products for the Marine industry. We have developed a proprietary line of products that are leading edge and environmentally safe. The texture and feel of AMP Marine products differs due to the absence of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). This is significantly different from our competitors. We have achieved a commercial and environmental balance by developing our products with FDA compliant materials (PVC free) while also maintaining a high degree of strength, quality and reliability.

What’s wrong with PVC?

PVC is known to be dangerous to human health and to the environment throughout its entire life cycle – from the factory, into our homes, and in our garbage. Some of the toxic compounds released include mercury and phthalates. Dioxins, a group of one of the most potent synthetic chemicals ever tested, are released when PVC is produced or burned. These chemicals can cause cancer as well as harm to the immune and reproductive systems.

More information

At AMP Marine we stand behind our products, setting a new standard for the Marine industry. For more information on PVC, check out the following links (links open in a new window):

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