Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing

A new way of thinking

Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing is a way of thinking about manufacturing processes in terms of more than just the final result (the finished product). It involves considering the effects that both those processes and the finished product have on workers, the consumer and on the environment.

Why the extra effort

Many manufacturing processes involve materials or chemical solutions that, while they may be common in industry, are by no means the best way or the only way to go about making a good product. Similarly, the same can be said of a finished product. A good product shouldn’t involve industry shortcuts that are now known to be harmful, for example PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). Just as the shop floor has to be clean and orderly, so do its surroundings – the environment.

How much this can change things

In its purest form, the entire production cycle is considered, as well as the product life cycle. In our case, this means selecting manufacturing processes that don’t involve the dispersion of highly toxic substances during or after production and materials that don’t release harmful substances over time into their surroundings.

PVC is the most toxic plastic out there in ALL phases of its life cycle. It doesn’t make much sense then to cut corners on something so important when there are other alternatives available. Many major automotive manufacturers have begun to at least partially eliminate PVC from their vehicle interiors, with many vehicle interiors that are now completely PVC-free.

We believe that by embracing change, we can contribute to making a positive difference.

For more information, check out HealthyStuff.org – a website dedicated to the research of toxic chemicals in many everyday products and the solutions some manufacturers have found.