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Dock Bumper Installation instructions – video


Dock Bumper Installation instructions – text

download a printable pdf here

Installation pics

Check out pictures of AMP Marine dock bumper installations on our blog here.

What you’ll need

  • cordless drill
  • socket adapter
  • dock bumper

Side dock bumper installation

  1. place the dock bumper on the side of the dock at the desired height with the holes pointing up
  2. attach first bolt through center hole (so level can be adjusted)
  3. secure the dock bumper to the dock surface with the remaining bolts

Corner dock bumper installation – text instructions

Corner bumper show case video

Take a look at our new video that show cases the versatility of the corner bumper and ease of installation.

Flat installation

  1. insert the first bolt at the desired height (holes pointing up)
  2. level the dock bumper and attach the second bolt

Corner installation

  1. before attaching the dock bumper, bend it around the corner to find the best position
  2. find the desired height on one side and attach the first bolt
  3. find the same height on the other side and attach the second bolt

Note: if you don’t have a socket adapter, all you need is a drill and a socket wrench. In this case, place the dock bumper temporarily in the desired position and mark the holes with the drill, a pencil, or even a screwdriver. Remove the dock bumper and pre-drill the holes. Then attach it to the dock surface.

*** DO NOT INFLATE ANY OF OUR PRODUCTS – our products come pre-inflated to where they need to be. If you do feel the need to put air, make sure you add silicone around the valve after ******