Long lasting quality

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Strong enough for a North American climate

AMP Marine is a North American company based near Toronto, Canada. As such, AMP Marine products are made to withstand the highly variable climate in Canada and the United States. In the Toronto area, our bumpers see extreme use all summer and very low temperatures during the winter months.

For the last five years, the Toronto outer harbour marina has been the AMP Marine test bed for bumpers and fenders. Small and large pleasure-craft routinely dock at the gas dock. Our first ever dock bumper installation was done in 2008 and is still going strong after six years.

Good materials, qualified people, quality products

At AMP Marine we take Quality Control seriously. A good product starts with careful planning and the right materials. Our goal is to provide quality products made at home while balancing environmental concerns. Everything that goes into AMP Marine products is sourced in Canada or in the United States and all of our products are PVC free. Our quality inspection team thoroughly checks and randomly tests all products, guaranteeing you great value for your hard earned money.

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