Home – the AMP Marine homepage
About Us – find more information about AMP Marine, in particular about how our bumpers are made and the materials that are used
Order dock bumpers – here you can order our dock bumpers online. There are currently two products for sale: the flex corner multi purpose bumper, a very versatile bumper that can be used anywhere but is especially suited to corners and posts; the straight bumper, a longer bumper suitable for straight sections on wood or other flat surfaces
Cart – when you select the bumpers you want to order, they go here. You can update the cart directly to add or remove them
Checkout – when you’ve decided what you want to order, it’s completed here
Installation – installation instructions – this page will show you how to mount the bumpers on wood surfaces. There is a narrated video with detailed instructions, showing in particular the versatility of the corner bumper, and there are online text instructions to match. A printable pdf that you can download here is also available for when it’s time to install your bumpers
Contact – we take pride in making great products and value our customers. All feedback is welcome and we respond to every email we get. If you’d like to let us know how you’re enjoying your products or if you’ve got questions or something else to say we’d like to hear from you!
Social Media – follow us online! We’ve got an online presence in the form of a website blog that we usually update at monthly intervals as well as a facebook page