High quality marine products at unbeatable prices – 100% made in North America

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Today, AMP Marine successfully competes against the biggest names in Marine industry by keeping true to our original goals. We offer our customers great products at manufacturer-direct pricing. Simple design and easy install ensure great protection to your boat and dock.

Take a look at our products—no middleman markup! 

Our Mission

AMP Marine was founded in 2006 to meet the needs of boat and dock owners in Canada and the United States. Throughout the years we’ve always kept our focus on what matters most to us:

Supplying our customers with high quality marine products at unbeatable prices using ONLY domestically-sourced materials and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes.

We have locations in the USA and in Canada are proud to provide customers in North America with solid marine products made exclusively here at home. All materials that go into each and every one of our products are sourced in Canada or in the USA.

Our bumpers are most typically used by customers who have waterfront property, or bigger-scale operations like ports, harbors and quays. In this picture, you can see how AMP Marine bumper products can also be used to provide protection to your car from scratches and dents in the garage and help protect many other valuable assets in garages, storage sheds, barns and other applications.

Our Customers

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