24″ Flex Corner / Multi Purpose Dock Bumpers (set of 2)


If you’re in a pinch for a great solution, this dock bumper is for you. The flex corner / multi purpose dock bumper comes in a set of 4. These flex / corner bumpers are perfect for corners and posts and give you a way to protect your boat around the edges of your dock. At a length of 24 inches, they’re versatile enough to fit comfortably in different situations and provide you with maximum protection. 100% designed and manufactured in Canada from environmentally-friendly (PVC-free) materials, jobs are kept at home and a great, quality North American product will meet and exceed your expectations.

Your corner bumpers will come with 8 lag bolts and washers made with 18.8 stainless steel. At 1/4 inch diameter and 2-1/2 inch length, these bolts are perfect for bumper installations on wood. The washers have a 7/8 inch outside diameter.



24 inch-long flex corner / multi purpose dock bumper (set of 2)

  • Set of 2 dock bumpers – high quality at a low price
  • Unique, 24-inch long design – wrap it around corners, posts, or use it as a straight side mount on your dock
  • Made from environmentally-friendly material (PVC free)
  • 100% North American – designed and made in Canada
  • high quality stainless steel installation hardware for installation on wood surfaces. 4 lag blots and washers in 18.8 stainless steel.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 19 × 10 in

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